What’s This All About?

We are Burlington’s co-op brewery and restaurant located in historic downtown. We believe that a strong community is built around engaged businesses that give back to their community, and that there is no better model than the co-op for this purpose. Our owners are not just owners of a brewery and restaurant; they are also owners of an engine driving the revitalization of Burlington.

As a brewery, we are founded around the idea of “truly local” beer. We will source our beer recipes and inspiration through partnerships with East of Elon Home Brewing Cooperative, and other local home and professional brewers. We’ll take an active role in supporting the culture and expansion of home brewing through events at our brewery. All of our Burlington Beer Works beers will be crafted locally and brewed on site at our restaurant.

As a restaurant, we believe that sustainable, local, and responsibly sourced food should be available to everyone at a reasonable price. Our menu will fluctuate with the ebb and flow of the seasons, offering our members and guests only the freshest local flavors. Our members will be our test-kitchen, and from them we will draw the inspiration for our ever-evolving menu.

A Community-Driven Project

Brewed Right Here.

Imagine it: the art of craft beer evolving in downtown Burlington using local ingredients and brewed on site. Now stop day dreaming and help make it happen! Burlington Beer Works is ready to support and promote the local craft beer industry, and needs your support to help make it possible. Let’s work together to educate the community about the art and science of brewing, and enjoy a couple of pints in the process!

Our shared sense of community and camaraderie will give our local brewpub the opportunity to thrive, positively impacting our members and the public, which only helps to make our beer taste even better!

An Uncompromising Dining Experience.

Have you seen the plans for indoor and outdoor dining? We just can’t wait to share an evening with you on the rooftop, drinking beer crafted with passion and eating fresh-made dishes created using locally sourced ingredients.

Burlington Beer Works is comprised of conscientious individuals focused on investing in their local economy. We don’t compromise – and want you to join us!

Support regional farmers and your neighbors by buying a membership today! And let’s mark a date on the calendar to meet up and celebrate how working together makes our community stronger!

A Unique View of Downtown Burlington.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to be on the ground floor of Burlington’s brewpub – or to see the beauty of downtown from our rooftop bar. Let’s cooperate – support each other and our local businesses, family farms and craft brewers.

Our greatest strength is each other. Join us in membership to bring this community cornerstone to life!

Burlington Beer Works will be a space that fosters our neighborhood connections. You’ll be able to relax in the comfortable atmosphere – both inside and outside – while enjoying locally crafted beer and homegrown food.

Here’s Where We Are

Community Owners
of our 2000 goal
Community Investment
in preferred shares and gifts

We’re very close to fully-funded! The building has been purchased, and we’re working on getting our last bit of community investment before we can begin renovations.

This is when we need your help the most! The earlier we can achieve our fundraising goal, the sooner you’ll be enjoying locally-brewed beer and locally-grown food – and helping the continued revitalization of downtown Burlington.

Here’s How You Can Help

Buy An Ownership Share

Burlington Beer Works will be a hub for nightlife, live music, and entertainment, and an engine to drive the revitalization of downtown. Your $100 is an investment in the next chapter of Downtown Burlington. By buying a share of the co-op you are taking the first step in creating the 1st brewery in Burlington, and only the 3rd co-op brewery in the country.

Your ownership entitles you to the following benefits:

  • Special discounts on food once we open
  • Owners-only events, beer tastings, and keg tappings
  • A vote for board members who will steer the direction of the business
  • You own a brewery!
Buy Preferred Shares

Preferred shares are the primary mechanism for funding the co-op. They’re the best way to push the project forward to completion!

Preferred shareholders will also have their names indelibly etched into the co-op’s history. The brew-house itself will be dedicated to this group, with their names on the wall for posterity.

The specifics on types of preferred shares and how dividends work is a little too much for this section, but if you’re interested, contact us for more details!

Tell Your Friends and Family

Already an owner? We still need your help!

Share the joys of community ownership with your friends and family! Buy them an ownership share or let them know about the co-op. The more the merrier!